Neoprene Designer Luggage Tags by ART OF TRAVEL - Elephant


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  • DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE - Our unique luggage tags are designed and manufactured with the highest quality neoprene materials. They are made to withstand and last through many trips, even when handled by airline and cruise ship employees.
  • BRIGHT AND EASILY SPOTTED - No more asking yourself “is that my bag”? - These designer tags were designed by professional artists around the world, with bright and beautiful colors to help you easily spot your luggage wherever you are.
  • CAN’T BE RIPPED OFF - Created with thick and strong neoprene material that loops around your luggage handle and won’t tear off. No more dealing with flimsy luggage tags. You can trust that your tags will still be there after a long trip.
  • STAIN RESISTANT - No need to worry about spills or getting your ID tags dirty. These are stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Every one of our luggage tags come with a 100% lifetime rock-solid guarantee. If there’s ever an issue, contact us and we’ll replace your luggage tags.

About Art of Travel’s Premium Designer Luggage Tags

Are you tired of relying on those flimsy baggage id tags when you travel?
Are you ready to let go of the plain old boring tags that look like everyone else’s at baggage claim?

Look no further - At Art of Travel, we have partnered with artists around the world
to design and manufacture not only beautiful and unique, but also extremely durable 
and dependable luggage tags that will last you a lifetime.

Features include:

  • Unique designs by professional artists
  • Bright colors to help you easily find your bags
  • Made with high quality materials to prevent wear and tear
  • Easy to clean and stain resistant
  • Lifetime warranty

Order With Confidence

What are you waiting for? Our suitcase ID tags come with a lifetime guarantee.
Order now, and start enjoying the benefits of owning an official Art of Travel luggage tag today.