Our Story

Our Story is Our Tagline - A Partnership with Creative People Around the World

Our company was built upon an idea that we can embrace the globally connected world we live in and collaborate to make something better than we ever could make on our own. As the founder of Art of Livin, Troy Wiley travels the world seeking to connect with people and help bring their talents, creativity, craftsmanship and cultures together in ways that improve our world.  

The Team

We’ve built our small but nimble team across many continents and celebrate the fact that we are able to come together and produce innovative and quality products that we can all be proud of. Art of Liv’n utilizes the talents and skills of graphic designers, webmasters, social media experts, copywriters, artists and inspiring friends and investors from across the globe to create unique, high-quality and practical products for living a more artful life:

Troy Wiley - Founder of Art of Livn, digital nomad, global vagabond, entrepreneur, writer

Zephyr Lee - Dong Guan City, China - Managing Partner at our manufacturing company

Asif Khan - Pakistan - Graphic Designer extraordinaire

Maricel Florendo - Phillipines - Customer Service and Virtual Operations Manager

Bonnie Bartle - Colorado USA - Accountant and Art of Yoga Design Partner

Darla Green (Sister of Troy) - Missouri USA - Art of Riding design partner and dressage trainer

Dusty Green Springer (Niece of Troy) - Illinois USA - Art of Riding design partner, sales rep, and dressage trainer

Maggie Harmon Peterson - Missouri USA - Art of Riding design partner and investor

Kamaria Wahab - Colorado USA (but from Malaysia) - Fellow world traveler and Art of Travel design partner

Refael Elbaz - Israel (but from Australia) - Import and export freight forwarding

The Artists

We are huge fans of the arts, so we began this project by contacting a few of our favorite artists from across the world and were able to have them join us in designing our flagship product, the Art of Lunch neoprene lunch bags that our founder, Troy Wiley had envisioned.

Budi Satria Kwan (aka Radiomode, aka Picomodi) - Indonesia

 bridle bag lunch tote boot bag saddle cover

Danny Ivan - Porto, Portugal

bridle bag lunch purse boot bag horse saddle cover

Monika Strigel - Germany

Carly Mejeur - Florida, USA

Our Values

We develop products that are responsibly made by using eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic, long-lasting, reusable and have a positive impact on the world. We proudly stand behind what we sell and offer a rock-solid warranty to prove it.

Giving Back

As an organization we contribute to causes that give back to society. So far we have partnered with The United States Pony Club, The Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Lighthouse Relief, and I AM YOU.